Poured Concrete Driveways

Stamped Concrete or Paver Installation


Tachs Inc can install a durable, low-maintenance stamped concrete driveway that boosts

the curb appeal of your home.We have extensive experience with concrete colors, patterns and textures such as stamped or scored concrete.

A pored concrete driveway is longer-lasting, less maintenance, and
cost-effective then other driveway installations. The installation timeline is reduced to only a few days too.

Driveway costs can range from $6 per square foot to more than $15 per square foot depending upon the design and coloring effects your project requires and no additional costs of required maintenance.

An economical upgrade compared to plain, gray concrete, enhance your concrete driveway for a reasonable cost. Basic installations usually include:

One coloring method (integral or surface-applied)
Textured concrete finish
Exposed aggregate
Basic stencil
Basic border

More elaborate decorative effects incorporate contrasts and color and pattern.

Use of two or more colors or patterns
Use of two or three colors and contrasting border
Scored and stained concrete

The ultimate in decorative concrete surfaces, customized driveways are creative by design. They can include:

Borders, sawcut designs, and hand-applied chemical stain accents
Multiple scoring patterns and stain colors
Advanced stenciling with hand-applied accents

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